Child Beauty Pageants: Should we?


With more and more child beauty pageants, people start to wondered is it the right things to do for letting really young girls standing on the stage,  3 or 4 years old girls who are donning makeup, high heels and fake tans and compete who is prettier?

The senate in France voted to ban child beauty pageants for kids under the age of 16 and now the measure goes to the country’s lower house for debate and a vote. “The mothers are the culprits here: teaching your child to be sexy and alluring at such a young, tender age when they are not ready for such exploitation.” says a writer. People all think there should no longer be child beauty competition.

———— CNN News.

I think, child beauty pageants are not very appropriate, little girls like ten years old putting on a lot make up, do their hair, short booty shorts and high heels on the stage dancing sexual dances. It okay to letting them know how to be competitive and want to win but beauty contests are for adults and absolutely not appropriate for little girls. When they are old enough to make their own decisions, they can go to those beauty pageants and showing off. On the other hand, if they lost the competition, they will be really sad and think they are not pretty as others; little kids can’t handle failure as adults do, so it might hurt them and make them less confidence.  So my opinion is that child beauty pageants are not appropriate for little kids and government should have some laws to impose that.Image


One thought on “Child Beauty Pageants: Should we?

  1. I would have to agree with the author of this blog that most beauty pageants are inappropriate for young girls. Such pageants would be ones that support a fake child with use of spray tans, flippers, hair pieces and other extras. A pageant that allows for make-up and dances that are too sexual for a girl of a young age. As the author argues that these girls will develop less confidence if they do not win I would argue that it is a good lesson for youth to learn that they won’t always win and that they are still beautiful in their own right as these competitions are not just based on beauty alone. There are beauty pageants that exist that support more than just how dressed up, over the top and fake a young girl looks. These pageants support what real youth look like, natural. No additives of hair and tans and exotic costumes and make-up just hints of such to bring out natural talents and beauty. I see that properly run pageants can be used as a tool to bring young girls up properly. Teach them to care for and respect themselves for who they are. Teach them to respect others as well and how to be confident. While I agree the beauty pageants are inappropriate to a degree, I would bring up the point that some are very well run and organized to bring up well rounded young girls. I would also agree that governments should bring in laws in regards to beauty pageants. But such laws should protect girls from inappropriate pageants, not ones that have the ability to do good.

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