Too mant teen moms

   Since there are more and more teenage girls get pregnant, especially in developing country, CNN news have an article about why it is dangerous and what needs to change.

    The article “Too many girls too young to give birth” mainly state a fact that  Indian girls or many Indian Americans and in other developing countries, girls get married and give birth to babies too early and that can be dangerous and harmful. In fact, one in three girls is married before 18, and 2 million of them are under the age of 14. Not only in developing country, have about 5% of teenage births occurred in developed countries. It’s very dangerous because it might cause lots of diseases and it’s hard for teen moms to take responsible to taking care of a child.

   There are different situations for getting married and have babies too early. Meet someone at 16 and think he is the one and start a family is a life choice, it might turns out pretty good and we have no place to judge that .However, being forced to get married and been sold by parents when they are still teenagers are crimes and very harmful.  Especially in India, some people sell their daughters for $1000 when they are 13. Those girls will get married and have babies when they are still a teenager. Women don’t have their basic human rights and get do make choice for their own life. I think the reason cause that because people there are not well educated, they don’t know the basic laws, and they are really poor. The government should find a way to solve that problem and save those girls live. Maybe try to have strict laws about selling their kids and have organizations to protect those girls.  


An Indian groom puts the holy mark on the forehead of his underage bride during a mass marriage program in 2006.


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