Isis beheaded japanese journalist, what’s next?

Jun.31, 2015, a video of a Japanese journalist getting beheaded by Isis spread all over Internet, they stated that “ the night mare of japan now starting.” The journalist Kenji Goto who got killed was a war correspondent; he was in Syrian Arab Republic trying to save a friend. He lost in touch with family last year October and never heard anything from him since then. The earlier video Isis posted online require the government of Japan pay 2 billion dollars in order to save Goto and his friend, and they askedThe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to release a prisoner name Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi who was a failed sucide bomber in 2005. After the blackmailing Japan received from Isis, they refuse to pay 200 million dollars as they consider will be a supporting to terrorist, they also hired expert trying to negotiate and ask help from Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, hope they can release the prisoner isis want and exchange their hostage back. However, Isis refused the deal the Japan government tried to make, they beheaded Goto and posted the video online. This behavior outraged the citizens in Japan, they started big memorial service for him and praised him as a hero. Who is Isis and why are they doing this? Isis also known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is an extremist Islamic rebel group controlling territory in Iraq and Syria. It has a reputation for being even more brutal than the main jihadi group of inspiration. Their main goal is to establish itself as a caliphate, an Islam state led by a group of authorities under a supreme leader. They have been killing thousands of people and make their lives in hell. The main reason Isis killed Japanese this time is because the government of Japan decided to spend 200 million dollars to help united states defeat Isis, they use their hostage as a revenge.

In 2015 modern society, there are still places in the world that are full of pain and horror. There are huge amount of extreme muslin groups use violence and extreme methods to bring the “justice” that they are seeking, they want to create their own world. Like the reactionary far at the right wing, they wanted to go back to the world, which was ruled by God, establish caesaropapism. In the process of getting what they want, they hurt so many people and causing a lot of problem for many countries. With people seeing the video of beheaded Japanese journalist, that leaves japan a big trouble. Many people around the world questioned if the Prime minister of Japan Abe made the right call, he reached out for help to British and Jordan instead of Turkey who has way better experiences dealing with Isis. He refused to pay that 200 million dollars ransom to save his citizens, some media referred that as “lack of sympathy”. The current prime minister in Japan just won the commanding victory in a snap election held in December, he promised to focus on Japan’s economy but now he is facing the problem of the military force. According to a researcher, he thinks this is the first time the public has seen Abe’s “proactive pacifism” This incident has a huge impact in Japan too, people have over sympathy towards hostage’s family and think their prime minster failed to protect his citizen. Not only Japan was influenced by this but also china. According to Mr. Eshel, it might be possible that China is the next target of Isis, it’s hard to imagine would they would do. The extreme terrorists not only hurt people that are innocent but also created people’s stereotype towards Muslins. Islam is just a religion that lots of people believed in, with more and more extremist trying to make a difference in the world by terror action, people start to get scared of muslins. However, extreme religious are only small part of them, but because of them, the rest of muslins are also getting treated like they are terrorists. It is certainly not fair for them. In my opinion, people have the freedom of expressing their own thoughts and believe what they want to believe in, however not including the extreme methods and hurting so many innocent people.



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