Punish travellers who lie about their health condition, right or wrong?

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) is a new highly contagious disease originally found in Middle East. The first case happened in 2012 Saudi Arabia, it has been controlled by the government well, no spreading internationally. However, MERS spread into the United States in 2014 when infected travelers from other countries entered US. Just yesterday, china’s first MERS case was identified and it was carried by a Korean tourist. According to the government of Korea, they confirmed this patient with MERS a week ago. Since the disease is highly contagious, the spreading may cause an outbreak in China. The question is if the Korean tourist was diagnosed with MERS in Korea before then how did he get out off the country? Is there some kind of law should pretend that from happening? That 44 years old tourists flew from Korea to Hong Kong then took the shuttle bus to mainland china, China now isolated 65 people may had contact with that man and still tracking 200 people for possible infection. Hong Kong had established laws a few years ago that anyone who fails to declare a medical condition on arrival will be charged but no one has ever been successfully prosecuted. To what extend should we have the liberal rights and freedom to do what we want while still carry out the collective responsibility as a global citizen?

Being able to travel wherever you want is one of the rights people should have, with highly developed technology nowadays, it is way easier to go around the world. In many countries, there are no specific laws that restrict people with diseases to travel, however I think all individuals should be aware of their own responsibility and no only protect themselves but also people around them. With over 200 people were exposed to MERS, the health institutions are trying to track down those people and send them to doctors, because of the irresponsible behavior of one individual, he is putting other people’s life in danger. As well as all the doctors that are going to directly contact those patients. Not only individuals should be aware of their society duty but the government should also have rules to comply its duty. The carelessness of once may cause more damage than anyone could controlled. In my opinion, we as human have many rights that we deserve and can fight for however, we are as a part of the human society first. Putting the collective interest in front of individual’s interest and be responsible to other people as well yourself is the primary duty.

Sources: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/china-confirms-first-case-of-mers-1.2396841



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