Internet censorship in China

Censorship of Facebook Through out the years, more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the government of China. Including Facebook, Google, twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc. Just at the beginning of 2015, China blocked Gmail and shut Google out of Mainland China. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the […]

Too mant teen moms

   Since there are more and more teenage girls get pregnant, especially in developing country, CNN news have an article about why it is dangerous and what needs to change.     The article “Too many girls too young to give birth” mainly state a fact that  Indian girls or many Indian Americans and in other […]

Child Beauty Pageants: Should we?

  With more and more child beauty pageants, people start to wondered is it the right things to do for letting really young girls standing on the stage,  3 or 4 years old girls who are donning makeup, high heels and fake tans and compete who is prettier? The senate in France voted to ban […]