Punish travellers who lie about their health condition, right or wrong?

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) is a new highly contagious disease originally found in Middle East. The first case happened in 2012 Saudi Arabia, it has been controlled by the government well, no spreading internationally. However, MERS spread into the United States in 2014 when infected travelers from other countries entered US. Just yesterday, china’s first MERS case was identified and it was carried by a Korean tourist. According to the government of Korea, they confirmed this patient with MERS a week ago. Since the disease is highly contagious, the spreading may cause an outbreak in China. The question is if the Korean tourist was diagnosed with MERS in Korea before then how did he get out off the country? Is there some kind of law should pretend that from happening? That 44 years old tourists flew from Korea to Hong Kong then took the shuttle bus to mainland china, China now isolated 65 people may had contact with that man and still tracking 200 people for possible infection. Hong Kong had established laws a few years ago that anyone who fails to declare a medical condition on arrival will be charged but no one has ever been successfully prosecuted. To what extend should we have the liberal rights and freedom to do what we want while still carry out the collective responsibility as a global citizen?

Being able to travel wherever you want is one of the rights people should have, with highly developed technology nowadays, it is way easier to go around the world. In many countries, there are no specific laws that restrict people with diseases to travel, however I think all individuals should be aware of their own responsibility and no only protect themselves but also people around them. With over 200 people were exposed to MERS, the health institutions are trying to track down those people and send them to doctors, because of the irresponsible behavior of one individual, he is putting other people’s life in danger. As well as all the doctors that are going to directly contact those patients. Not only individuals should be aware of their society duty but the government should also have rules to comply its duty. The carelessness of once may cause more damage than anyone could controlled. In my opinion, we as human have many rights that we deserve and can fight for however, we are as a part of the human society first. Putting the collective interest in front of individual’s interest and be responsible to other people as well yourself is the primary duty.

Sources: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/china-confirms-first-case-of-mers-1.2396841



Internet censorship in China

Censorship of Facebook

Through out the years, more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the government of China. Including Facebook, Google, twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc. Just at the beginning of 2015, China blocked Gmail and shut Google out of Mainland China. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals. The total control by the government seems unbelievable to a lot of the westerners. China’s great firewall (a massive Internet surveillance and content control system) is doing something seems impossible, scholars are concerning that this system would be a very attractive model for instance for Russia, Egypt or other states.

China is one of a few communist countries in the world, which is controlled by one political party. Internet censorship in china is based on the famous saying from Mr. Deng “If you open the window for fresh air, you have to expect some flies to blow in.” The government of China defends its right to censor the Internet by claiming that the country has the right to govern the Internet according to its own rules inside its borders. The main purpose of the Internet censorship is avoiding potential subversion of Chinese government’s authority. Further more, it is also to prevent political conflicts from happening within the social environment. Seldom, people are allowed to talk about politics on the Internet, but certain websites containing anti-government material would be blocked. Lots of people have seen this as violation of freedom of speech and human rights. However, it does have its advantages and disadvantages.

One reason people criticize most about Internet censorship is freedom of speech. In china, all the tweets, posts, blogs on the social media network is controlled by the government, the minute you post something against the government, the police will be knocking on the door the next minute. It is also the most important reason china banned Facebook or twitter. Social networks do exist in china, they clone twitter as “weibo”, and replace Facebook with “renren”, to satisfy the social network using needs by 500 million Internet users. The only difference is, the database is in Beijing and the government has access to it all the time. It is way safer for them to control than having the database in US. The other major issue about Internet censorship is that government can select what people can hear or see. Too much power can be abused in certain circumstances. However, there are advantages of censored Internet. Protecting children from inappropriate information is one of them. Adult contents can be harmful to be exposed to underage kids. Secondly, it can protect copyrights and prevent illegal activity. Most importantly, it helps to grow the local economy, with every website banned from Chinese government, there is an alternative, with 500 million users in china, the Internet help the economy bloom. Even though censorship can be hard for western society to understand, it does have its advantages.

In my opinion, government shouldn’t control too much and violate people’s freedom. People have their rights to express their thoughts and feelings towards events and other things that influence their lives. However, china is ruled by communist party, which believes in Marxism and aims at building a socialist society do have needs to control the Internet. In a communist society, the individual’s best interests are indistinguishable from the society’s best interest.  To reach that ideology, controlling of speech is necessary. The other reason about the necessity of Internet censorship in china is that people can be manipulated by others who have other purposes and want to incite others. For example, In October 2014, a suicidal terrorist activity happened in china, which caused the death of three people and 39 injuries. It has been proved that they were watching videos by terrorists from Middle East. They purposely use Internet to incite violence actions. Those videos are highly inflammatory, less educated people can be easily influenced. China with a huge population with 1.3 billion people hasn’t really reached the public education program for everyone, there are still large amount of people that are not being educated. If the government let those incite information passing around on the Internet, it can be dangerous to the society. To sum up, I believe in humans’ rights and freedom, however, country like china has its own difficulties to reach that. For some countries, it is actually better for the government to have some controlled over the information people are getting as long as the government does not abuse the power. As matter of fact I do hope one day all Chinese can tweet whatever they want and wherever they want without fear.






Isis beheaded japanese journalist, what’s next?

Jun.31, 2015, a video of a Japanese journalist getting beheaded by Isis spread all over Internet, they stated that “ the night mare of japan now starting.” The journalist Kenji Goto who got killed was a war correspondent; he was in Syrian Arab Republic trying to save a friend. He lost in touch with family last year October and never heard anything from him since then. The earlier video Isis posted online require the government of Japan pay 2 billion dollars in order to save Goto and his friend, and they askedThe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to release a prisoner name Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi who was a failed sucide bomber in 2005. After the blackmailing Japan received from Isis, they refuse to pay 200 million dollars as they consider will be a supporting to terrorist, they also hired expert trying to negotiate and ask help from Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, hope they can release the prisoner isis want and exchange their hostage back. However, Isis refused the deal the Japan government tried to make, they beheaded Goto and posted the video online. This behavior outraged the citizens in Japan, they started big memorial service for him and praised him as a hero. Who is Isis and why are they doing this? Isis also known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is an extremist Islamic rebel group controlling territory in Iraq and Syria. It has a reputation for being even more brutal than the main jihadi group of inspiration. Their main goal is to establish itself as a caliphate, an Islam state led by a group of authorities under a supreme leader. They have been killing thousands of people and make their lives in hell. The main reason Isis killed Japanese this time is because the government of Japan decided to spend 200 million dollars to help united states defeat Isis, they use their hostage as a revenge.

In 2015 modern society, there are still places in the world that are full of pain and horror. There are huge amount of extreme muslin groups use violence and extreme methods to bring the “justice” that they are seeking, they want to create their own world. Like the reactionary far at the right wing, they wanted to go back to the world, which was ruled by God, establish caesaropapism. In the process of getting what they want, they hurt so many people and causing a lot of problem for many countries. With people seeing the video of beheaded Japanese journalist, that leaves japan a big trouble. Many people around the world questioned if the Prime minister of Japan Abe made the right call, he reached out for help to British and Jordan instead of Turkey who has way better experiences dealing with Isis. He refused to pay that 200 million dollars ransom to save his citizens, some media referred that as “lack of sympathy”. The current prime minister in Japan just won the commanding victory in a snap election held in December, he promised to focus on Japan’s economy but now he is facing the problem of the military force. According to a researcher, he thinks this is the first time the public has seen Abe’s “proactive pacifism” This incident has a huge impact in Japan too, people have over sympathy towards hostage’s family and think their prime minster failed to protect his citizen. Not only Japan was influenced by this but also china. According to Mr. Eshel, it might be possible that China is the next target of Isis, it’s hard to imagine would they would do. The extreme terrorists not only hurt people that are innocent but also created people’s stereotype towards Muslins. Islam is just a religion that lots of people believed in, with more and more extremist trying to make a difference in the world by terror action, people start to get scared of muslins. However, extreme religious are only small part of them, but because of them, the rest of muslins are also getting treated like they are terrorists. It is certainly not fair for them. In my opinion, people have the freedom of expressing their own thoughts and believe what they want to believe in, however not including the extreme methods and hurting so many innocent people.





Too mant teen moms

   Since there are more and more teenage girls get pregnant, especially in developing country, CNN news have an article about why it is dangerous and what needs to change.

    The article “Too many girls too young to give birth” mainly state a fact that  Indian girls or many Indian Americans and in other developing countries, girls get married and give birth to babies too early and that can be dangerous and harmful. In fact, one in three girls is married before 18, and 2 million of them are under the age of 14. Not only in developing country, have about 5% of teenage births occurred in developed countries. It’s very dangerous because it might cause lots of diseases and it’s hard for teen moms to take responsible to taking care of a child.

   There are different situations for getting married and have babies too early. Meet someone at 16 and think he is the one and start a family is a life choice, it might turns out pretty good and we have no place to judge that .However, being forced to get married and been sold by parents when they are still teenagers are crimes and very harmful.  Especially in India, some people sell their daughters for $1000 when they are 13. Those girls will get married and have babies when they are still a teenager. Women don’t have their basic human rights and get do make choice for their own life. I think the reason cause that because people there are not well educated, they don’t know the basic laws, and they are really poor. The government should find a way to solve that problem and save those girls live. Maybe try to have strict laws about selling their kids and have organizations to protect those girls.  

Sources http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/30/world/un-teen-births/index.html?hpt=wo_mid

An Indian groom puts the holy mark on the forehead of his underage bride during a mass marriage program in 2006.

Child Beauty Pageants: Should we?


With more and more child beauty pageants, people start to wondered is it the right things to do for letting really young girls standing on the stage,  3 or 4 years old girls who are donning makeup, high heels and fake tans and compete who is prettier?

The senate in France voted to ban child beauty pageants for kids under the age of 16 and now the measure goes to the country’s lower house for debate and a vote. “The mothers are the culprits here: teaching your child to be sexy and alluring at such a young, tender age when they are not ready for such exploitation.” says a writer. People all think there should no longer be child beauty competition.

———— CNN News. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/19/living/parents-ban-child-beauty-pageants/index.html?iref=allsearch

I think, child beauty pageants are not very appropriate, little girls like ten years old putting on a lot make up, do their hair, short booty shorts and high heels on the stage dancing sexual dances. It okay to letting them know how to be competitive and want to win but beauty contests are for adults and absolutely not appropriate for little girls. When they are old enough to make their own decisions, they can go to those beauty pageants and showing off. On the other hand, if they lost the competition, they will be really sad and think they are not pretty as others; little kids can’t handle failure as adults do, so it might hurt them and make them less confidence.  So my opinion is that child beauty pageants are not appropriate for little kids and government should have some laws to impose that.Image